Name: Mastercougar, MC, or "Will."
Age: Varies
World of Origin: The Upper Realms
A mysterious entity who writes a comic strip about Gabby and Ty called "Reporterz." Mastercougar claims to be one of myriad Authors, a group of storytellers-turned-gods who draw their power from a realm called White Space. Like all Authors, Mastercougar is powerless in his native universe, but holds omnipotence over those that he has created. Mastercougar, or "MC," makes a habit of revealing himself to various individuals in each of his created realms, and then popping absurdly in and out of their lives. Gabby and Ty, among others, have had to live with MC's existence since his first appearance years ago. He has revealed various bits of information about himself, such as a first name, "Will," but enjoys being a mysterious deity enough to keep most things about himself secret. Learning to live with Mastercougar, and perhaps understanding what he really intends, may be the ultimate quest his "characters" will have to make.

Names: Wisest Pikachu, Ben Underwood, and Mangaman
Ages: Unknown
World of Origin: WPverse
One day, a young Author from the Upper Realms, named Ben Underwood decided to try a most unusual experiment. He split his Author Powers into thirds, granting many of his abilities to mortal individuals. The persona known as "Ben" manages the raw structure of his universe, keeps everything running smoothly, and generally remains in White Space. "Mangaman" attempts to provide a voice of sanity in the chaotic realm that is Underwood's creation. But the most vibrant personality is that of Wisest Pikachu, a humanoid Pikachu who mainly uses his Author abilities to entertain himself through massive havoc and occasional homicide. WP gets along well with Mastercougar and frequently invites him over, resulting in a memorable excursion in which MC's characters dueled with the WPverse as a backdrop. WP is hot-tempered, self-obsessed, and absurd, and his antics have made the WPverse what it is.

Name: Logic
Age: Irrelevant
World of Origin: White Space
In the Beginning, two great powers were created, who have created a balanced multiverse through constant opposition ever since. Logic is the power representing such things as Structure, Order, Cause and Effect, and Actuality. When sentient beings were created, Logic took on the role of Logic, or Reason. Logic has very little personality beyond smoothly enforcing cause and effect in every realm. He opposes the power Illogic, and finds Illogic distasteful. If a realm becomes overbalanced in Illogic's favor, Logic will not hesitate to brutally enforce sense and order. Logic splits into new "facets" every time he enters a new realm. One of these facets forsook its duty and became a separate individual, known as King Logic.

Name: Illogic, or "Illie"
Age: Highly grand.
World of Origin: White Space
If you asked Illie to tell you his life's history, he would, for three hours, describe with great fervor the necessity of a lion-based government, and why it is inconvenient in any novella to bring up the subject of candied orange peels. Even if you did get him on the subject of his origins, Illie would describe how he was raised by the Sultan of the Encyclopedia in 42 B.C. The truth is, Illie is actually the power Illogic, the natural power opposing Logic in the multiverse, embodying Substance, Chaos, Illogic, Pure Ideas, and the Unreal. When sentient beings were created, Illie took on the new role of Emotion. Illie's personality is one befitting his role. His emotions may snap from incensed to delighted in the blink of an eye, but will always be over-the-top, exaggerated, and bizarre. Illie spouts a constant stream of non-sequitors, burping up the raw materials of the multiverse wherever he goes. Like Logic, Illie constantly sends bits of himself into new universes, but seems to have a lot more fun doing so than Logic does. If ever Illie spots a place where the multiversal balance falls in Logic's favor, Illie will work like mad to provide the necessary Substance to restore the balance and destroy the tyranny of Structure. Illie seems to have taken a shine to the Reporterz heroes. He has helped fight King Logic at times, associating the emperor with his longtime adversary.

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Finally, I'd like to state that all copyrighted material is owned by its creator, as this strip is merely a humble parody. See here. The creators of all these works have my utmost respect. ~Mastercougar