Name: Tyler Matthew Astern
Age: 29 when introduced.
World of Origin: The Pokémon World
Tyler Astern has been praised as one of science's greatest young talents. Having honed his intellectual skills since he was a child, Ty is widely praised for his mathematical accomplishments and possesses multiple degrees. Despite all this, Ty is relatively anonymous outside of the scientific world. This is preferable to Ty, as he's a shy and nervous fellow who finds ideas easier to interact with than people. Ty is also a tinkerer who likes to put his theorems into practice via inventions. The greatest of these is the Dimensi Portal, which can lead one across a cosmic bridge to other universes. Ty picked up a part-time job at Ulite News Network, at first as a joke, but soon discovered he liked working there, and worked as Gabby's cameraman until the headquarters was destroyed by Trogdor, years later.

Name: Gabrielle Ananda Sanchez
Age: 26 when introduced.
World of Origin: The Pokémon World
It took Gabby a long time to figure out who she was and what she intended to do with her life. When she was young, Gabby dreamed of becoming a singer, or perhaps a Pokémon trainer, but neither of these dreams panned out. She wandered while in college, until she considered a career in journalism. That was the catalyst Gabby needed, and she soon came to be a well-liked reporter at Ulite News Network. When the studio was burned down by Trogdor, Gabby decided to follow Ty on a quirky adventure across the multiverse. It remains to be seen what she'll do after that. While Gabby's fond of snide commentary, she's certainly not stupid. Gabby is well versed in literature and philosophy, which serves Gabby well given the circumstances she finds herself in. Gabby is the one most often seen rolling her eyes at Mastercougar, and yet spends the most time talking to him, most likely because, despite her snarky wit, Gabby still asks the sort of questions only MC can answer.

Name: Link of Carabas
Age: 16 when introduced.
World of Origin: Hyrule
Link is widely known as the Hero of Time and Wielder of the Master Sword. Ever since he was a small child, Link has rescued Hyrule from the clutches of the evil fiend Ganon, who constantly reappears in different guises. Link's foremost love is Princess Zelda, though there is something about Eliza he finds appealing. Link holds the Triforce of Courage, and in addition to his swordplay is notable for an archaic manner of speech and a fondness for doughnuts.

Name: Zelda Ianna Hyrule
Age: 16 when introduced.
World of Origin: Hyrule
Zelda is a powerful sorceress who holds the Triforce of Wisdom. This is balanced, however, by an extreme shyness, to the point where she is rendered incapable of speech and prefers to express herself through writing or telepathy. Link and Zelda have only grown closer over the years, and one of the things Zelda values most is their relationship, which she guards ferociously.

Name: Eliza Ekaterina Clovis
Age: 16 in Demon years when introduced.
World of Origin: The Empire
Eliza grew up in a nation that, just as it had found peace, was struck down by intense pain. An insane roboticist created a world empire out of vengeance, and Eliza's parents were among those dedicated to stopping his tyranny. Their deaths left a mark on Eliza, as did the emperor's malice. Eliza is a fusion of nanobots and human cells, and thus draws on two heritages. Despite her pain, Eliza has a close relationship with Mastercougar, whom she identifies with the spirits of her parents. Eliza is happily dating Kyo, but has a bit of a thing for Link.

Name: Prince Joseph Amadeus Kyonis of the House of Kyon.
Age: 17 when introduced.
World of Origin: The Pokémorph World
At first, Kyo may seem surly and unapproachable, but in fact he's got a lighter, happier side beneath. It's merely that Kyo often chooses to hang back and cynically observe other people. Eliza is one of those who know that he can be compassionate and fairly intelligent. Kyo is a prince in his world, though not one destined to ascend to the throne. This is fine with him. Kyo has a close relationship with Eliza, and views Link as a threat to that relationship. Kyo maintains a gruff exterior, but beneath that is an intense desire to help his world.

Name: Leo Magneton
Age: Young adult by Pokémon terms.
World of Origin: The Pokémon World
The young Magneton Ty received when he won his first science competition was a very different Pokémon than the Leo of today. Leo was fearful and lacked confidence, but Ty bonded with him and tried to help Leo find some courage. It seemed to work, for when Leo evolved, an entirely different persona emerged: A crass, sarcastic character who resembled both old-timey mob bosses and modern rappers at once. Ty often has trouble relating to Leo, but the two are still good friends, even if they occasionally grate on each other.

Name: Johnny Loudred
Age: Young adult by Pokémon terms.
World of Origin: The Pokémon World
Johnny was at one point extremely shy and prone to trembling at the slightest noise. This is standard behavior for Whismur, of course. But when Johnny evolved, he dyed himself blue, bought a tuxedo, and started wearing fancy decals in his ears. He suddenly became a disco-loving hippie prone to flirting with any females in the vicinity. Once again, this is not unsurprising given his species, Loudred often attempt to act bizarely macho in an attempt to impress others. Still, that doesn't make it any less funny. Johnny Loudred never seems to stop being a goofball.

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