Name: Trogdor the Burninator
Age: 200ish.
World of Origin: Peasantry
When the Dimensi Portal was first opened, out of it came this fiendish beefy-armed dragon. The destruction of Ulite News Network soon ensued. Trogdor springs from the imagination of ranting wrestleman Strong Bad, and has his sights on capturing powerful dimensional cores for the purpose of taking over the world-- or rather, as many worlds as he can. Designed to be the most powerful dragon imaginable, Trogdor is a dangerous enemy. Despite his advantages, Trogdor has yet to make much progress in conquering the world. This is owed to his tendency for laziness and giving up far too easily. Trogdor also has a pair of hired minions, Zard and Madoom, whom he gets to be good friends with.

Name: King Logic/Logic
Age: Irrelevant.
World of Origin: White Space, though he now lives in Gebra
The multiversal entity known as Logic (see Logic) has the ability to split itself into facets as it journeys from universe to universe. One day, one such facet, on the verge of destruction, split from the other facets and gained a life of his own. Through a bizarre sequence of events, Logic ended up a resident of Mastercougar's Gebra. There, he crowned himself a king and built a series of cities filled with adoring robot citizens. Logic's rule in Gebra has not gone unchallenged--The Numeral Rebellion fights to free their society from King Logic's control. At its head is John Numberman, a robot genius. Logic is not above making alliances with figures such as Azad, but will break them if he deems it necessary..

Name: Sauron/Gorthaur the Cruel/The Necromancer
A few millenia.
World of Origin: Middle-Earth
When Middle-Earth was created, a vast number of spirits took form inside this realm in order to guide and protect it. A handful of these were the mighty Valar, while many others served as their assistants. Unfortunately, many of the lesser spirits were seduced by the darkness of Melkor the Morgoth, and joined his side. One such spirit was the abominable Sauron, who became the Morgoth's most powerful servant. Even after Melkor fell, Sauron followed him down the same dark path, and became the supreme evil of Middle-Earth. He twisted the core of the realm into a mighty Ring he could use for his own ends. When this vessel of Sauron's power fell into Mount Doom, it was believed that both had been destroyed. But in fact, Sauron had been crippled- and at the same time fundamentally changed- by the mysterious Yellow Dimensi-Space. As our heroes arrive, Sauron rises from the void and goes in search of his lost power, along the way briefly allying with Trogdor and falling in love with Sila. The couple enjoy quite a relationship, but while Sauron wants to destroy Sila's sister, Eliza, Sila eventually makes her opposition to this very clear. Sauron attempts to destroy both, but ends up in another realm after the clash that follows. His current whereabouts are unknown.

Names: Zard, Madoom
Ages: Young adults by Pokémon terms.
World of Origin: ?
When Trogdor decided he needed a little assistance, he came upon this criminal duo, who've aided him since. Zard is a highly unusual Charizard who's quite skilled at manipulating human technology. His intelligence and knowledge of physics rival Ty's,and his claws are deadly. Madoom is much more of a brute, with very limited intelligence, but copious amounts of muscle. The two are known to have engaged in tons of criminal activity in the past, but much about them remains unclear.

Name: Sila Romera Clovis
Age: 20 in Demon years when introduced.
World of Origin: The Empire
Sila Clovis's life was forever changed in a single moment: The moment she learned her mother had been killed fighting the Tyrant Daraku. From then on, Sila was colder, harsher, and more detached. She became wrathful and merciless in her fight against Daraku, full of rage at a world that seemed to be turning against her. Her father's later death served only to reinforce this anger, a bitter malice that still borders on the psychotic. Sila rarely treats anyone kindly, but will occasionally make an exception for younger half-sister Eliza, whom she respects slightly and seeks to protect. In Middle-Earth, Sila met Sauron, and, turned on by his rebellious brand of evil, starts a relationship with him. This is cut short when Sauron attempts to kill Eliza against Sila's objections. In the battle that follows, all participants are warped to other realms. Sila's current whereabouts are unknown. It is known that Sila and Mastercougar don't get along, but the full extent of this is unclear.

Name: Daraku
Age: Unknown
World of Origin: The Empire
When Dr. Albert Wily was found dead in his home, it shocked the Bob and George universe, which had finally found a happy ending. No one was more shattered by this news than this mysterious individual, once a dear friend of Dr. Wily's. In a rage, the man assassinated Dr. Wily's greatest enemies, took the name Daraku, and conquered the world in Wily's stead. Now he commands a globe-encompassing military empire, but keeps to the shadows. Daraku's face has never been seen. His voice has never been heard. The only one who knows the truth behind Daraku's mask is Dr. Light, and he's not telling. In the minds of everyone else, Daraku exists only as a vengeful, all-encompassing shadow, a faceless evil with an entire planet in its claws.

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