What is this?

First of all, welcome.

Reporterz is a sprite-based webcomic about many things. These include, or will at one point include, but are not limited to: Cosmology, mythology, metafiction, the nature of reality, pixels and sprite comics, love, death, loneliness, regret, creativity, stories and video games that I have loved, doubt, major and minor self-loathing, interuniversal travel, war, doughnuts, storytelling, and autobiographical introspection.

What it all means in context is anyone's guess, even mine.

The whole affair started when I was in middle school, making silly comics on the Internet. That may explain why the earliest comics are not very well-made. Over time, the story I was telling turned into something grander, and, gnashing my teeth at its incoherent beginnings and absurd name, I've been tweaking and reimagining Reporterz ever since.

The plot was originally intended to be simple. Two characters from the Pokémon games were to travel from universe to universe, thwarting an evil dragon. Then I introduced myself into the framework of the story, and the premise flipped inside out as a result. Eventually, the comic gained a website, a large quantity of commentary, and a new series of introductory comics explaining the new mythos I'd developed.

I don't deny that the story remains imperfect, even now, but I enjoy where it's going and intend to continue for as long as I can.

Reporterz begins here.

What would be the best place to begin reading?

That's a tricky question to answer. You have several options.

If you start from the very beginning, you'll first be introduced to the premise. After that come the first few storylines, which have been revamped visually, but not thematically. My commentary can serve as a rambling tour guide through these murky early waters.

I'd begin there, personally, but you could also jump in at a later storyline if you're willing to miss out on a few things. Storyline Four is much more coherent than the earlier strips, but some of its siller elements I wouldn't employ now.

During Storyline Five, my storytelling skills improved dramatically. This is unsurprising, given that it was written over a course of three years. It has a few odd quirks near the beginning, but matures greatly.

Finally, you can begin at Storyline Six, which is the most tightly written, but hasn't yet been completed. Your call.

I have other questions.

Try the FAQ. After that, feel free to contact me.

Hoping you find something you enjoy,


Reporterz is hosted on Comic Genesis, a free webhosting and site automation service for webcomics. I find it quite satisfactory.

I owe a large part of the website design to Ping Teo of The Jaded.
The 'Ocean Blue Indextemplate,' upon which my website is based, is free-use for all Keenspacers, courtesy of the Workshop.

Finally, I'd like to state that all copyrighted material is owned by its creator, as this strip is merely a humble parody. See here. The creators of all these works have my utmost respect. ~Mastercougar