Here can be found all the holiday specials I've made for Reporterz, plus commentary.


And lo, the first Reporterz Halloween!Now here's an interesting tidbit. I applied a smoky effect to the (orange-tinted) lab to make it look spookier. I liked it so much, I made it a permanent part of Ty's lab- that's what gives the lab its metal sheen. But it looked better on the background than on the characters, so I more recently recently went and redid this comic slightly.

Second, almost everybody here is dressed up as a character from the Pokemon TV series (though some of the costume design is based more on the video game sprites).Ty is Ash, Gabby is Misty, MC is Oak, Link is Brock, Zelda is Nurse Joy, Eliza is Duplica, and Kyo is Gary.

Logic is Archie, with his drones representing other members of Teams Aqua and Magma, Trogdor is Giovanni, Zard is Jessie, Madoom is James, and Larry is Meowth.

Then Johnny is Horsea and Leo is Pikachu, which is really based on who their trainers are dressed as. Finally, Sila is dressed as Cassidy, and Illie and WP break the theme as Carmen Miranda and Rick O'Shay.

Now, a few of my thoughts:

Ty's right, based on his squinting I could have used him for Brock. But then, Link's the one who falls in love with pretty girls.

And Eliza could easily have been May. In fact, I based her face on May's. However, she might then have looked too much like May...

It amuses me that Leo is still smoking beneath the Pikachu mask(s). And look, it's Larry!

WP's costume is a bit of a dig at his lack of updates recently, but it's all in good fun.

And finally, do you guys realize how HARD it is to sprite a Charizard in a miniskirt???

Happy Halloween once again! This year's theme is anime characters. Oddly enough, that was BnG's theme this year, too. *shrug* But I had this planned since July.

So let's see. First off, Gabby and Ty are Naruto and Sakura, and Trogdor is Shenron. Kyo's Kagome, Eliza's InuYasha, Zard is Edward Elric, and Madoom's Alphonse. Smeagol is Monkey D. Luffy.

Leo and Johnny are Yugi and Kaiba, Link's Rurouni Kenshin, Zelda's his love Kamiya, and Sila and Sauron are theme-breakers as Butch and Cassidy. WP's Cerberus, MC's Gendo Ikari, and finally Illie is defying all convention as Inigo Montoya.

This Halloween turned out a lot cooler than the last, in my opinion. I had fun coming up with costumes for all these guys. You'll notice I ended up putting most of them in pairs.

Gabby and Ty's outfits were a bit of a problem. I sprited them last, as I had a hard time coming up with costume ideas that really supplemented their personalities. I finally went with Naruto and Sakura, as I knew I needed to give a nod to that particular series, but I can't help but wish I'd come up with something better. The sprites turned out real nice, though.

That's Giratina behind Trogdor, by the way. : D

Halloween returns...WITH A VENGANCE!!

This year's theme is... webcomics! Webcomic characters offer plenty of costume fodder, that's for sure.

Gabby and Ty are ZoŽ and Riff from Sluggy Freelance, while Link and Zelda are, respectively, Torg and Gwynn from the same comic. Trogdor is Dr. Lupin Madblood from Narbonic. Mastercougar is Tedd from El Goonish Shive.

Zard and Madoom are Gabe and Tycho of Penny Arcade fame, Johnny and Leo are Bob and George, from the comic of that name and Eliza and Kyo are Joyce and Walky from It's Walky. Sauron and Sila are Garland and Evil Princess Sara from 8-Bit Theater, WP is a milk carton, Oblivion0807 is guest-starring as Pantsman, and Illie is, of course, King Richard III.

Some of the costumes do indeed have more to do with interesting pairs than their wearers' actual personalities, but I like 'em. And Sauron does indeed look good in Garland armor.

If you look in the background this time, you can spy some interesting signs, a ghost or two, and an image of a freaky Golbat.

Winter Holidays

So, the first Reporterz Christmas. I should mention I redid this comic, too, like many in the archive, so that we didn't have to deal with that ugly red version of the ugly green background.

Why the heck did I have an attack of random Santa Claus impersonators? Got me. I suppose I just needed something to do for a holiday special. The Claus color scheme is better this time.

I like the puns I made in this special, though. And Ty's line hearkens to A Charlie Brown Chrismas. I felt like going corprate, for some reason, and advertised movies.

But I did have a fun disclaimer at the bottom. And this time I managed to spell all the holiday names correctly. I think.

So, the second Reporterz Christmas. I've come a long way since the first attempt at a holiday special.

In fact, I make a couple nods to the old one, both with MC and Gabby's comments and with Eliza's mention of avoiding theological controversy. Incidentally, I heard that term used to describe Phillip Pullman's His Dark Materials. And, boy, that's an accurate description.

And for fun, I decorated the lab up a little bit. The tree, which Illie is reciting nonsense upon, is actually modified from a deciduous tree and not an evergreen.

There are a couple of (I think) nice moments shown here. First, Trogdor gets a nice gift from his lackeys. And I dunno if you noticed, but Link and Zelda are standing beneath mistletoe. Awwww.

This year I decided to mix things up a bit so far as the holiday comic. I like the idea of Trogdor goofing off in a monkey-drawn sleigh.

The holiday would be, I believe, Talk Like a Pirate Day.

Okay, so the story behind this one is this: That year, I'd been so busy with Christmas and other things that I completely neglected to make a holiday comic on the right day. So I decided to joke about it using time travel.

I can't guarantee that any of what MC is telling his Author pal is true, but on the other hand, I can't guarantee that it isn't. MC certainly has the capability to do such wild things, but he's also the type to just make up a completely bogus story.

Oh, and the Author pal in question is Controller of Flames, a Reporterz fan.

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