White Space
White Space is that primordial realm which lies at the heart of all things. From its infinite depths, any possibility can be drawn. Authors spend most of their time here- not that time has any meaning in this place. If you want to take a really good tour of the multiverse, come here- though of course you'll need an Author to guide you.
Creator: God
Natives: Everyone in the multiverse.

The Pokémon World
The Pokémon World is much like our own, but with some interesting differences. For one thing, in addition to human beings there exist sentient but wild creatures known as Pokémon, who far outnumber animals. Pokémon harness incredible elemental powers, and enjoy engaging in bouts of non-lethal combat with each other. Some of the mightiest of these creatures date back to the origins of the universe, or so it's said.
Creator: Satoshi Tajiri
Current Author: Mastercougar
Natives: Gabby, Ty, Johnny, Leo, Zard, Madoom

In the lush, beautiful country of Hyrule, evil strikes when it's least expected. Fortunately, a boy named Link always comes to save the day, with help from the Princess of Hyrule. In this version, however, all these adventures have been strung into the span of a childhood, meaning Link and Zelda have led very interesting lives indeed.
Creator: Eiji Aonuma
Current Author: Mastercougar
Natives: Link, Zelda
Core: Causes user to become more like whatever Hyrule resident they're most like. Can also be used by Hyrule residents to become more in tune with themselves.

One day, a kooky Author, who later befriended MC, created a simple little world for purposes of goofing off in. He also gave certain characters Author powers, among them crazy Wisest Pikachu. A nice place to visit, if you don't mind the chaos.
Creator: Ben Underwood
Natives: Ben, Wisest Pikachu, Mangaman
Core: Gives users the appearance of Wisest Pikachu, along with his powers over the WPverse.

The Empire
This universe used to be the relatively peaceful Bob and George universe, but one day it split off. Guess who was responsible for that? Now the world is ruled by a corrupt dictator. Fortunately, a group of scientists has been trying to put together a resistance force, but what with the death toll so far, it doesn't look like it's going to be easy.
Creator: Dave Anez
Current Author: Mastercougar
Natives: Eliza, Sila, Kyo, CLOVIS, Daraku

Pokémorph World
In a certain universe, Pokémon and humans long ago fused into a single species. Today, Pokémorphs live peacefully, ruled by the Pokémorphs of mystical beings.
Creator: Satoshi Tajiri
Current Author: Mastercougar
Natives: Kyo

In this universe, numbers are everywhere. Seriously. Gnomes mine them, robots are shaped like them, sorcerors work wizardry with them. Naturally, the former embodiment of Logic fit right in. Logic crowned himself a king, but there's been a growing movement to overthrow him.
Creator: Unknown.
Current Author: Mastercougar
Natives: Azad, King Logic, The Numeral Rebellion, The Muffin Men
Core: Can be used to change one number into another. Azad saw the implications of this power, and saw to it that it was restrained by an enchanted CD-Rom, which only allows the core to be used for just purposes.

The great gods of this world thought their creation was perfect- that is, until one of their number turned against them. Even thousands of years later, evil still walks the earth in the form of Sauron, and he has a knack for not dying when he's supposed to.
Creator: J.R.R.Tolkien
Natives: Sauron, Gollum
Core: The Ring itself. In its purest state, it allows the user to see the unseen and protect that which they love.

Trogdor's Base
In an unknown world, Trogdor and company make plans from their dark castle. Little is known about this world at present.
Creator: Mastercougar.
Natives: None known, but Trogdor and company dwell there.

The Upper Realms
Some universes were created by Authors. Others were brough forth directly by God. These universes are known as the Upper Realms, and they vary in nature.
Creator: God
Natives: Mastercougar, many Authors.
Core: Grants the user complete control to rewrite any aspect of reality they currently perceive.

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