A Reporterz side series! Find out how Eliza and Sila came to be.

I. Introductions
II. Splitting Dimensions
III. Revenganceful
IV. Daraku Reboots
V. Misunderstood
VI. Fallen Heroes
VII. The Demon Destroyer (TM)
VIII. Light Preservation
IX. Final Conquests
X. Surviving the Storm
XI. The Five Unite
XII. Stay tuned! There’s more!
XIII. Alan and Alexis
XIV. Technological Breakthroughs
XV. Demon Descendants
XVI. The Death Comic
XVII. Mother of Eliza
XVIII. Now That's an Odd Thought
XIX. War is Hell
XX. Inheritance
XXI. Wrapping Up
XXII. A Few More Answers

Out of the Ashes: The FAQ

Did Dave Anez authorize this?

Yes. I contacted him a while ago and asked if I could use his characters in a relatively minor part of the strip, as part of some backstory. He said that sort of cameo sounded just fine. I later asked his permission to expand the idea somewhat, and again it was granted.

What do you have against Bob and George?

Absolutely nothing, I assure you. A ravaged world based off BnG, with a number of characters dead, was simply a concept (admittedly a strange one) that popped into my mind one day, and somehow it seemed to work as backstory for this character Eliza. As a fan of the strip, I mean no offense.

Wait, how can this story be possible if Bob and George ends in the Cataclysm?

Actually, as made clear by statments by Dave Anez, not to mention the final episode of Bob and George, the comic does not actually end with the Cataclysm- the Cataclysm takes place in an alternate universe. As mentioned in Episode II, so does the story told above, splitting off from the peaceful ending Anez carved for his characters.

Okay, so where are X and Zero during all this?

Well, we know where X is- spending decades being programmed with false memories. See here. As for Zero, it seems Wily chose not to activate him in the end, so unless something happened to his capsule at some point, he too, will be missing in action.

So if Alan and Alexis were created by the same group of people, couldn't they be said to be-

They didn't think of it that way, so neither should you!

What about Superman? Is he dead?

Um, yep. Daraku figured out a way to hunt Superman down and kill him. Sorry. More on that later.

Who exactly is Eliza's mother?

...Oh, I think you can figure that out on your own.

On a completely unrelated subject, is Ran around in this place?

Yes, but more details on that later.

[insert question about Demon physiology here]

The answer is probably in Dr. Ivannova's Notes.

Aren't you just trying to steal BnG's jokes?

Once I had decided that this story would be based in the Bob and George universe, I decided to portray the characters accurately. Thus, Megaman will be stupid, Light will be obsessed with alchohol, etc. The intention here was not to rain on the Great-Grandaddy of Sprite Comics' parade, and I'm sorry if I give that impression.

Just to set the record straight, are you saying Eliza, Sila, and all those other scientists live in Cossack's underground base?

That's essentially it. They've tricked (not that Daraku pays very much attention to his subjects or has much structure to his government) the authorities into thinking the food and stuff they own is bought by an ordinary family. This will be expanded upon later.

Are there any other robots that fight Daraku?

Yes, there are. But once again...

More on that later.

Yep. You can look forward to more and more being revealed as we go.

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