To my unknown reader:

A number of years ago, six scientists, experts in their respective fields, devised a plan in which they would pool their talents in an attempt to overthrow the despotic roboticist styling himself Daraku. I, Dr. Ivannova, am one of those scientists.

It was not an easy decision to make, creating this archive of data about the beings we designed. Daraku has made it quite clear what happens to intellectuals in his society, especially to robotics experts. And I shudder to think what the tyrant could do if he ever gained access to this information.

But there are now only six human beings in the entire world who know the nature of Demons. And we are growing old. Should we die, all our knowledge would die with us. And I, for one, am willing to take great risks so that our work will not be lost.

As I write this, I often feel foolish. In these files, I write of significant dates, of history, of danger. Yet this universe was created with the explicit purpose of being a comic strip. Everyone on the planet knows this. A select group was chosen to be main characters, Thomas Light among them. The rest of us served the purpose of fulfilling the world’s necessary functions, and would never be shown onscreen. We knew this, and accepted it as our place in life.

Then again, clearly the rules have changed. Thirty-some years ago, Dave, the being calling himself, “The Author,” left our universe with the promise of a happy ending. Now we live in an oppressed dystopia, and there’s been no sign of our creator. Those who were once simply “extras,” such as Daraku and myself, now play important roles in the determining of our world’s future. Perhaps, as Thomas says, the Author truly has abandoned us.

In that case, I feel it is of utmost importance to pass on what we know to our descendants. Here can be found a description of what we hoped to achieve by means of the Clovis project, as well as long summaries of the inner workings of Demons and their brethren. Further, more technical, details may follow.

1. Ideas of Demons
2. Protodemons
3. N4-T3 and C1-14D: L1N6
4. The Takeover
6. Reproduction
7. Sila and Eliza
8. Other Possibilities and Conclusions

I owe the creation of these notes to the assistance of several of my colleagues, whom I shall name here:

Mikhail Sergeyevich Cossack
Thomas Xavier Light
Walter Prentis Oppin
Linda Erica Vinue
Arthur Richard Solaris

I would also like to thank the Demons, living and dead, who have done their utmost for humanity.

Alan Tristan Clovis
Alexis Isolde Clovis
Eliza Ekatrina Clovis
Sila Romera Clovis
C1-14D: L1N6

I dedicate these files to future seekers of knowledge.

~Rowena Saria Ivannova

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