Note: Most of the material here is very old, and is preserved mainly for nostalgia's sake,


From a Logical Perspective
A novelization of WP's Logic storyline- from the villain's point of view.

Tribute to Greatness: Harry Potter
A discussion of the Harry Potter series and its completion. Spoilers for the whole of said series.

Tribute to Greatness: Bob and George
A discussion of the archetypal sprite comic, Bob and George, and its completion. Spoilers for the whole of said comic.

Comedic Writings

Spam Day presents: the most bizzare piece of writing you will ever encounter.

Spamfic II- Eclectic Boogaloo
It's the sequel to the movie you missed!


I Been Waiting, Wisest Pikachu
A parody made during one of Wisest Pikachu's extended absences.

A parody made when he came back.

The Trogdor Sleeps Tonight
Made...just 'cause.


Air Man
The first in a series of Robot Masters showing off that's mainly been animation practice for me.

Elec Man
Elec Man's version.

Gemini Man
Gemini Man's version.

Guts Man
Guts Man's version.

Stone Man
Stone Man's version.

Wood Man
Wood Man's version.

Demon Sila
Even Sila gets in on the act.

And Logic, for that matter. This one is sort of a fanthing for Wisest Pikachu.

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